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more powerful mobile devices and faster networks, everywhere means more and more people will be watching, listening and reading mybusinesstv on the move

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The following mybusinesstv channel content will be available

(if you need a custom channel, please contact us)

London 2012
Just like the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the London 2012 content will contain videos showing events and summaries. Latest news will enhance the content with a medal hall of fame.

Health and Safety
In conjunction with Peninsula HR and H&S services and BGR Bloomer Solicitors, we are developing a set of content appropriate to any business with employees. The aim, to reduce workplace accidents and raise awareness of responsibility and risk assessment to the individual.

In conjunction with Smartlearn we are developing a set of on demand training videos and assessment tools. Nothing beats a good training program. How better to encourage a culture of learning than by encouraging access of materials through mybusinessTV.

Voice of the nile 2010
A channel which will track the progress and the discoveries of this exciting project. An adventure and fact finding expedition, the Voice of the Nile program follows a charitable organisation as it traverses the most formidable of rivers and contacts local villagers. The information gathered from this adventure will give voice to the millions of people who depend on the Nile for survival and provide valuable information for us as global warming affects our rivers and water table.

A channel for business coaches with powerful reporting tools, enabling business owners to track and measure performance of their business. In addition, focus on visions goals and targets will keep the business owner on track with their program towards success.

Business Networking
The Business Networking channel will offer the learnings of the 'Let's Evolve' business networking group where sharing of ideas for better business is encouraged.

Access Innovation
This channel will have content highlighting the latest developments associated with Access Innovation plc findings. Access Innovation connects plcs with innovative smaller companies to mutual benefit.

John Guest channel
International success story JG currently has a magazine. This is going to be replaced with a TV channel

In flight channel
Airlines currently have magazines. As browsers in seats take off, the Inflight channel will take over.

Channels can also be customised for use on PC, HDTV, iPOD, iPhone, Palm & Windows Mobile devices. Contact us for more information.

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