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The hospitality channel - now comes completely customised with 15" flat screen for reception desk

mybusinesstv hospitality channel brings together information for your guests, TV, Internet and Newspaper into one easy to watch channel

Now delivered completely customised to your needs and includes a 15" desktop player (pictured right)

Customisable pages - easy to enter new text from a web browser.
TV, News and Weather - delivered in real time with no need to update
Opportunity to place local business ads and generate revenue
Your guests will be better informed of

  • Your full range of services, creating an opportunity to upsell.
  • Local weather, traffic and news, ideal for business guests.
  • What's on locally, enhancing your guest's stay.

hdtv showing mybusinesstv

Delivered over the internet, mybusinesstv allows you to mix together a wide variety of content, including information from your business.

Content is viewed in the office using high definition (HD) screens, or Notebooks or PDAs. The difference with mybusinesstv is that you get to choose the content and even make your own content using our simple to use control panel.

Anyone can access a mybusinesstv channel from the comfort of their browser.
Your customers and employees can view your own content when you subscribe to a channel creation pack.

Content can also be displayed on screens in reception or bedroom and from any internet enabled device.

oqo showing a mybusinesstv channel
The hospitality channel is delivered on a simple monthly subscription with no tie in. It works with your existing TV licence and broadband internet / WiFi connection.

Contact Mark Hopgood, on 01732 80 80 67 for more information.


hospitality channel
15" flat screen for reception desk placement - ideal for making your customers feel more important and better informed.

The workplace communications challenge
Business leaders today place importance on communicating with their teams. However, in our busy overloaded world, the challenge lies in getting messages through. Emails often get ignored and slip down the priority list, voicemail can fill up and be deleted.
More and more messages are becoming important for legal reasons. HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety Executive directives now impose an increasingly greater challenge to businesses.

How then can a business communicate and train its organisation in this distracting world?

eepc showing mybusinesstv
a member of your team accessing a mybusinesstv channel
mybusinesstv  – a communications solution

Using a high definition screen containing important messages which cannot be ignored, the audience can be captivated and informed when they are away from their desk and all the distractions.
mybusinesstv can assist with getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Apart from news, travel and other available content, you can create your own channel pages. You can broadcast relevant, topical content, mixing it with your own important messages.

mybusinesstv - a promotional tool

In addition to showing the content on screen, a subscription to mybusinesstv allows you to send your channels to customers, peers and employees. As a powerful desktop tool, mybusinesstv can be used to give employees access to training materials, industry news and more via their computers.
If your company sells or provides information as part of its marketing, then an exciting mybusinesstv channel can be created and sent using email or accessed via a link on your website. With mybusinesstv you have no software to install and neither does your customer, peer or employee.

Inspiration for the future
Imagine what the future will hold. Already micro sized laptops such as the Eee PC (pictured) are available and play mybusinesstv channels. With the availability of flexible plastic screens announced in 2007, you may well be watching the London 2012 Olympic mybusinesstv channel on a roll out screen on the way to work.

The video of the flexible video screen is available here (links to youtube)
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